Jackie Angers

Jackie Angers

Hello, I’m Jackie, an email developer and web designer from southeastern Massachusetts. I build hand coded, table-based HTML emails as well as HTML5, modern standards based web sites. I enjoy overcoming the challenges associated with browsers and email clients to craft eye-catching and creative designs.


Kendra's Garden

Subject Line:

The wait is over! It's Kendra's newsletter

This newsletter email was created with hand coded HTML and inlined CSS using a responsive layout. The email features a multi column layout, stylized alt text for the logo type, seamless header without using a background image, and links to the full stories. The biggest challenge was creating a natural hierarchy using two column and three column sections.

Junior's Pizza

Subject Line:

🍕 Welcome to Junior's pizza of the month club 🍕

This welcome email highlights a free offer as a welcome gift. It was created using hand coded HTML and inlined CSS in a responsive mobile first layout. The email features emojis in the subject line, personalization, an animated GIF, and stylized alt text. The animated GIF and lesser known web font will gracefuly degrade in cetain email clients.

East Middleboro 4-H

Subject Line:

Calling all East Middleboro 4-H Families

This volunteer request email was built to emulate the look and feel of the East Middleboro 4-H website. The email features a multi column responsive layout, 4-H member photos, and custom logo. I designed the logo for use in print and web as it had previously only existed on a large sign.

Dental Congress

Subject Line:

John, your Dental Congress confirmation

Note: Client name has been changed to protect privacy.

This confirmation email was created using a fluid one column layout. The email features HTML special characters, personalized subject line, HTML button, and dynamic personalized data. Built on a hand coded custom template, each section was created with individual modules that could be easily changed.

Get On Board

Subject Line:

Announcing the Summer Skateboard Series

This announcement email was built to mimic a printed poster. It features a responsive multi column layout, a HTML button, stylized alt text for the header, and an illustration I created in Illustrator. The biggest challenge was keeping the illustration from overpowering the email especially on mobile. I was able to use a media query to change the size of the illustration while keeping the container the same size.


Subject Line:

Are you enjoying your birthday Tammy?

This birthday email was hand coded with HTML and inlined CSS using a responsive layout. I used retro colors, icons, and illustrations to portray the 1950's. It features personalization, casual verbiage, dotted lines, and great old newspaper illustrations. The dotted lines are progressive enhancements that fall back to dashed lines or a solid border for some viewers.


East Middleboro 4-H

This website was built to serve a dual purpose. First and foremost, it was to be used by 4-H members. The landing page includes a link to the fair premium book, entry forms and the 4-H pledge. The members page includes links to commonly asked questions, and the clubs page has a listing of all clubs and leaders. The second purpose was marketing. The fair page contains pertinent information including the fair schedule, activities, and events for the public. This website was originally built as a static site, so my biggest challenge was recreating it in a responsive layout that looked similar.

Carol Livingstone

This website was built for a local photographer to highlight her work. It was created using hand coded HTML and CSS in a fluid layout. The site features a hero image on the landing page, retro icons, jQuery photo gallery, Google fonts, and client photos. I added notes in the code where the client could add, subtract, and change the images at her will.

Pine Valley Plantation

This website was originally built as a client pitch. It was a widely viewed site imitating a 3-panel brochure on a desk. I later rebuilt it in a responsive layout keeping the same design. It features a wood patterned background image, flowing text, and an easy to follow layout. The biggest challenge was replacing the brochure paper image with something that would be responsive. I chose a paper patterned repeating tile that could grow and shrink with the page.

about me

I believe it’s possible to create beautiful art that conveys an effective message at the same time. I started my career as a pre-press graphic artist and have since progressed into graphic and web design. My front-end development skills are focused on HTML, CSS and design. This allows me to create fast-loading, well-designed, responsive and effective websites and emails.

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If you’re interested in my work, don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.